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MCCF 2021 UPDATE (DATED 20th May 2021)

It is planned that both the Under 12s and Under 11s 2021 Minor Counties Cricket Festivals, which are to be held at Royal Hospital School, Suffolk, will take place in August 2021.

The Under 12s will arrive on Saturday 7th August and play five consecutive 90 over competition matches, before departing after the fifth and final match on Thursday 12th August.

The Under 11s will arrive on Friday 13th August and play two long game formats (Sat & Sun) before a day of t20 (Mon) and depart after the fourth and final game on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

All cricket boards are in receipt of costs and further information for both age-group festivals.

All MCCF events remain subject to Government Guidelines in respect of Covid-19.

Should you require further information please contact Don Topley on 07920 164126

MCCF 2021 UPDATE – 20/07/2021

Under 12s and Under 11s

Dear MCCF Parent, County Coach, County Board.

It is with great regret and a very heavy heart that after much consideration, advice sought and received and the application of due diligence, I have reached the difficult decision to cancel this year’s MCCF. Those that know me will know that this has been a very difficult decision for me to make.

For some of you, this communication will come as no surprise, others will feel bitter disappointment and will consider my decision over-cautious but for many it will come with a tinge of relief.  I will endeavour to explain the reasons for my decision below:

If the MCCF were a ‘turn up and play’ event, like a summer sports course, for example, I’m sure that we would be proceeding with caution, as so many organised sporting events for children are all around the country. Unfortunately, the exponential growth of Coronavirus infections in recent weeks amongst children has resulted in teams withdrawing from our festivals already and my own anxieties have increased. 

The MCCF is a residential festival, the children live and play together in close proximity:  with school bubbles being sent home and even whole schools having to close due to isolation of children and staff, it is blatantly clear that when the associated risks are assessed, it would be negligent of me, the organiser, to shirk my duty of care to the players, coaches, parents and the festival staff if I were to go ahead in the knowledge that it is extremely likely that we would have a positive test result during the festival resulting in immediate cancellation and who knows how many new infections. Infection rates across different counties vary but it is clear that these rates are increasing massively and children are being affected. These may be symptomatic infections but many children are asymptomatic but can pass on the infection anyway.

I also have to consider the conditions of my own Public Liability insurance; if I am found to be negligent, i.e., if I have knowingly ignored potential serious risks to health and safety, I am culpable, of that there is no doubt.

I do hope that we are able to get back to normal next year but that will be too late for some players to experience the unique and wonderful MCCF. I’m certain that these players will continue to play the game we all love and wish all players and coaches a summer of sun, a plethora of wickets and runs a plenty!

Yours sincerely

Don Topley

MCCF Founder

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Great artist & former international wicketkeeper, @jackrussellart, annually comes across to the @MCCFCricket often bringing examples of his work. Always engaging, chatting with parents and cricketers before signing memorabilia. Jack painted the School cricket scene some years ago


Other England internationals who have visited MCCF to meet the young cricketers, include @EssexCricket current Captain, Tom Westley and former spinner and scout, John Childs. Both men have won County Championships with Essex.


Three England international cricketers have been spotted walking the six MCCF cricket pitches at Holbrook. Here pictured is Nick Knight (War&Esx), @deanheadley585 (Kent/Middx) and some years ago, @DGoughie (Yorks) popped in.

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